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How Botox Became the Drug That’s Treating Everything

Forget wrinkles. Botox is now being used to treat migraines, depression, twitching eyes, overactive bladders, sweaty palms and more.


Botox—Yes *That* Botox—Can Help Fight Depression

It doesn’t just smooth wrinkles—a study shows it may improve your mood.


Botox May Have a New Use: Treating Depression

A recent study looked at treating depression with Botox.

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One doctor is using Botox to treat depression

Botox is commonly used to hide the signs of aging, but Dr. Eric Finzi, a dermatological surgeon is using it to treat his patients with depression.

Botulinum toxin for depression? An idea that’s raising some eyebrows

Psychiatry is experiencing a major paradigm shift. No longer is depression a disease of norepinephrine and serotonin deficiency. Today, we are exploring inflam­mation, methylation, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity as major players; we are using innovative treatment interven­tions such as ketamine, magnets, psilocin, anti-inflammato­ries, and even botulinum toxin.

9 Totally Legit Medical Excuses to Use When People Notice You Got Botox

Botox, Cough Syrup, And An Anesthetic Are All Being Tested As Antidepressants

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A Shot At Happiness

Botox, Treatment for Depression, Dr. Finzi

Can Botox be used to treat depression?

Can Botox cure depression?

Botox for Depression, The Wall Street Journal

Depressed? Botox just might help you feel better

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Botox hasn’t made me happy – but having kids might have

How Botox Can Solve the Depression Epidemic

Botox for Depression, The Wall Street Journal

Botox Itself Aims Not to Age.

Botox for Depression, Washington Post

Using Botox to treat depression. Seriously.

Botox for Depression, NBC Washington

Using Botox to treat depression.

Botox for Depression, Medscape

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