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No More Frowns

People aren’t exactly upfront about receiving Botox therapy for facial wrinkles. Maybe it seems a little vain, in a world full of problems, to focus on erasing a few wrinkles from your face. READ MORE


Is Botox the new Prozac? Early Research Shows Wrinkle Treatment Could Treat Depression

Dr. Eric Finzi and his team from Chevy Chase Cosmetic Center in Maryland, report that the facial freezer may work because it physically prevents a person from frowning, which can trigger negative emotions and depressions. READ MORE


Simple Only on the Surface

You never know what a little vanity will do for a person’s health. Some people bloom in their quest for physical improvement, others wither, and a few are completely destroyed. READ MORE


Botox May Help Depression, Doctor Suggests In New Book

If Eric Finzi…a dermatologist in Chevy Chase, Md., believes that people with tense frown muscles — the ones between the eyebrows — are more likely to be depressed. READ MORE


Could Botox Change Your Life For The Better?

In The Face of Emotion, Eric Finzi explores how one of the world’s most popular cosmetic procedures could alleviate depression. READ MORE


How Treating Wrinkles May Also Relieve Depression

It’s a popular cosmetic treatment, but early data hints that Botox could have a role in treating not just aging but mental illness as well. READ MORE

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