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Botox for Depression, Michael Cohen Radio Show WILS 1320

Michael Cohen Radio Show WILS 1320


Botox as a Treatment for Depression?

Botox May Beat Back Depression


Don’t Worry, Get Botox


The Latest Weapon in Treating Severe Depression

It has long been recognised for its wrinkle-busting properties. Now, scientists believe Botox could also help to treat mental illness. READ MORE


Botox Can Fix Your Marriage And Your Mood

DC-based dermatologist Eric Finzi theorizes that the popular injectable toxin [Botox] could actually make you less depressed and appear less angry, keys to a happier marriage, in his new book “The Face of Emotion.” READ MORE


How Smiles Control Us All

The smile muscle is attached from the mouth to the cheekbone. When this nerve fires, the muscle is activated, the corners of our mouth are pulled up, and we look happy. READ MORE


How Smiling Can Wipe Away a Bad Mood

You know that expression “fake it until you make it”? That’s kind of the idea behind a cool new book to hit shelves this week. READ MORE


Facial Expression, Emotion, and Treating Depression with Botox

The title The Face of Emotion: How Botox Affects Our Moods and Relationships doesn’t exactly scream “summer read.”…new book by Eric Finzi… READ MORE


A Shot at Happiness

Some people shy away from having a neurotoxin injected into their bodies. But what’s “a poison to some [is] a miracle to others,” Finzi says. READ MORE